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What's so great about senior photos?

When I was a high school senior, I was on the cusp of this senior photo trend. It wasn't like "the thing" to do but some kids did do them. If I remember right, most of the kids getting senior pictures seemed to be the rich kids or popular kids from my school. I was neither, so my parents and I didn't get any senior photos taken of me. Boy do I regret that.... Why? Let me tell you...

Senior portraits are about celebrating a life stage you've reached. Thinking back on my senior year, there were so many milestones I had - I got accepted to my fist choice college NGCSU (Now UNG but I'm still in denial), I got to drive to school, I was a part of the spirit team, I went to Europe, and I started to discover who I was as a young adult. It was also my last year with the friends I grew up with, my last year at home with my parents, and my last year of truly being carefree thanks to the support of my parents.

Senior year is about being on the cusp of something great - my future. I realize now that you will never see the world the way they do right now ever again...So documenting that is one way of ensuring that you never forget who you are, RIGHT now.

Lastly, lets consider the digital world we live in. Most of us could agree that we enjoy posting good pictures of ourselves. So why not have an arsenal of photos just waiting to be liked by your friends, friends of friends, and family? #photoenvy

So all that to say, if I could go back to my senior year of high school, I would spend the time and the money to capture those precious moments in my life because I will never get it back.



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