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ABOUT Heather Voss


Heather Voss is a young accomplished professional photographer living in Chattanooga, TN with her husband. Heather currently works as a full time photographer on her own and with a studio in Ringgold, GA. In adition, when not photographing, Heather enjoys time with her family, small group, and leading a ministry for veterans at her church.


Heather has a B.S. in Art Marketing from the University of North Georgia and Certificate in Small Business Marketing. In addition to portraits, she also does fine art, commercial photography, and web design. Due to her diverse work, she has an extensive list of accomplishments which are listed below. 

Heather Voss specializes in creating quality photographs of people in the Chattanooga and North Georgia areas. Because of her degree in art and many years photographing with diverse people and situations, her work is described as quality, trustworthy, and professional. Her goal is to give you photos that will make everyone #photoenvy you.

My Promise To You

My mission is to create photo envy through my photography service which is delivered with a promise of perfection, professionalism, and trustworthiness to the people of Chattanooga.

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Featured In


Claim To Fame

Named Artist to watch 2016

Published in Paula Deen's Jan/Feb 2019 Issue, UNG News, Simply Buckhead, Voyage ATL + style Blueprint

Fine art shown in Galleries across the country + world wide

Photographed for tedtalk, NISTS, Southern baked pie co, + BIAS 

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